Towards unified search — Ask has updated their search environment.  Now it tries to present results from conventional search along with image search, blog search, and makes suggestions for narrowing or enlarging your search.  Interesting interface.

I like that they have taken a step in the direction of unifying different silos.  Clearly this is the first step in which they divide the screen into areas to present results from different silos.  Next step would be to try to remove the silos and try to being information from different media in the same framework — but that may take a little bit more time.

2 thoughts on “Towards unified search — Ask

  1. Bin Liu

    am very pleased to hear your incisive comments. We are trying to assemble a lot of different signals to get a uniform search result. Google Yahoo and MSN are also on this way.

  2. Andrew

    Yes, Ask are trying to achieve big thinks here. Only the future will tell us if they succeded or not. Honestly, I am not so pozitive.
    But I could be wrong about Ask. 😀

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