Seraja presentation at Where 2.0

Now I am involved in a new start-up company. I started discussing with Rajesh Jain about this company a few months ago and we decided to co-found this to build a company that will bring experiential search environment for exploring different events that are going on. We started some development in February when I took a trip from Singapore to India to meet some people to share my vision. I think we now have some ideas about the direction this company is taking — and I must say that I am very excited. Our development team is on track and doing very good job.

The first presentation about the product of the company will be made at Where 2.0 conference in San Francisco at the end of this month. I will talk about ‘Experiential Computing’ and will show a demo of our pre-alpha version at this conference.

It has been an experience to be in USA and work with the team in India. Communication is difficult but it appears that with correct people it can be done. At this point I am very excited about the development team. There were a few times when I felt that distance does matter a lot, but then with some time and effort, things have been going well. I find that the most important factor is the motivation and the desire of the team. In this case our team has strong motivation and they have shown that they really want to make this happen. I am very excited about the conferene and then launching alpha version of our product in a few months.

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