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Some people think that pets, particularly dogs, are treated better than humans by many people.  Others love their pets so much that they do not distinguish among the pets and children.  It all depends on the situation.  I know the feelings from both sides — was raised in an environment where dogs were just dogs, and now have a dog who is part of a family.  I found a very interesting article in NYT on the treatment that pets receive now-a-days at some pet resorts.  Here are the concluding parts of the long article:

Beyond being companions, dogs serve different purposes for different owners, Mr. Cohen said. In some cases, a dog can be a surrogate child. In others, the dog is a source of entertainment. And it is important for owners to be aware of the function the dog is being asked to fulfill.

When it comes to luxury kennels, he said, “dog owners need to understand that it’s not necessary.� But he also said that there was little harm in most of the special services and amenities.

“I dress up my own dogs for Halloween,� Mr. Cohen said. “But I’m aware that I’m doing it to entertain myself, not because the dogs need to dress up.�

Carol Boerio-Croft, who has two locations in the Pittsburgh area for her Cozy Inn Pet Resort and Orchid Spa, has built her kennel business on what she calls canine feng shui. “Cozy Inn’s mission is to create and provide a loving, sensitive, healthy, safe naturally controlled environment for our guests; take care of them completely: mentally, emotionally, medically, spiritually and physically,� she says on her Web site. “And to always treat them with love and respect.�

With that in mind, she offers an indoor swimming pool and whirlpool, a choice of full-body, Swedish or sports massages, and hot-oil treatments. “Our clientele are not dog people,� Ms. Boerio-Croft said in a telephone interview. “I always correct that because normally dog people go to kennels. But our clientele is above average and elite. And we are an environment where the pets are very anthropomorphically treated like little people.�

KENNEL operators are not the only ones profiting from dog owners’ separation anxiety. Blake Walliser of Denver runs Online Doggy, a business that uses Web cameras to let dog owners peek in on their pets whenever they wish, from wherever they are; Mr. Walliser said his pet business grew out of a failed plan to offer the same service to day care centers for children.

Online Doggy has four full-time employees and provides Web camera services for 200 pet care providers, he said.

As trends go, the luxury kennel seems here to stay. Joe Timko of Canyon View Ranch in Topanga, Calif., near Malibu, said, “From the day we opened the doors, we filled up.� And Canyon View Ranch is already fully booked for Christmas 2008.

“Isn’t that something?� he said.

6 thoughts on “Pet Resorts

  1. Sano

    I agree to Mr. Cohen explanation about the purposes of dogs to people. There are people who value their pets so much that they come to a point that they a lot of money for luxury of their pets.

  2. Coco

    I read somewhere that the pet industry is getting bigger and bigger. This is good for people with pet related business.

  3. Dog

    I own three dogs who are a part of the family, but we don’t go overboard on spending when it comes to the dogs. Don’t get me wrong, we buy food and make sure they get their shots, but spending tons on doggie spas, clothes and etc…. nope, I can’t do that.

    Now our dogs are spoiled, but not because we spend a lot on them. Instead, they’re spoiled with love, and that’s the best thing you can give them. 🙂

  4. Mario

    i know many who think little of dogs but I’ve always loved them from childhood so I really love them but I would never spend that kind of money on them.

    First, I think they may not even be able to appreciate it and i always think if I have money to spare, I’ll spend it on those dogs that have no home or food.

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