NRI and Clinton Campaign

It was great to see this story in

A female policy wonk who challenges the Indian-American prototype of a wealthy upper class background has been asked to head 2008 Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s think tank.

This person, Neera Tanden, does have an interesting background and personality:

Tanden attributes her preference for policy to her difficult background. Her mother, an immigrant from India, was divorced after an arranged marriage when Neera was five (“It tells you something about arranged marriages,” Tanden said in a New York Times profile some months back). She then went on welfare for a couple of years, before getting a job as travel agent and putting Neera and her brother through school.

I was already inclined to be a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s campaign — this story strengthens my desire.  Not because Neera Tanden is an NRI, but because Clinton’s tend to attract people of interesting background in USA very unlike the current administration that attracts cowboys.

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