Managing Event Information: A book.

Amarnath Gupta, my long term partner in crime in multimedia information retrieval and I are about to finish a book: Managing Event Information. This book is a result of our efforts to discuss emerging information management systems to represent real world events. We present the state of are related to event representation and different operations using those representations as used in many different areas of information system applications. We then present our perspective and present details of event representation. Our goal in this book is to present concepts and techniques to advanced researchers as well as implementers for building event information systems. We give examples and details to help in making the concepts implementable in different applications. We also discuss practical issues related to data representation, storage, and query processing. Finally we give example of an emerging application, actionable personal intelligence, and show how story telling is a process of querying and synthesizing the results using event information systems that is similar to preparing reports.

We hope that this book will help people interested in building event information systems. We would love to see a community of researchers and implementers who are building different applications of event information management systems. We intend to have a companion web site to share evolving knowledge as well as software and experiences in this area. We are excited about this area and hope that this excitement will be shared by many other researchers and practitioners in the community.

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