IPTV and EventWeb

I accepted to give a talk at the IPTV Workshop at WWW COnference in Edinburg in May 2006. Here is what I plan to talk — this is the abstract that I sent to them.

IPTV will bring EventWeb

Current Web is a web of pages – a web of traditional Gutenbergean documents. With advances in IPTV and related technology, there is a potential to bring a lot more exciting web of events – the EventWeb. We believe that there are two major problems to be solved for realizing the true potential of IPTV and to bring EventWeb to life. We need easy authoring environments and powerful tools to find videos and other content of interest. Current authoring and search tools are in their infancy. In this paper, we will first discuss the emergence of EventWeb and then consider needs, the state of art, and our ideas for these two important aspects of IPTV environment to bring events as a major component of the Web.

More detailed write-up on this talk will be prepared soon and I will share that here. Currently I am actively involved in thinking about role of events in eChronicles. So I plan to share some thoughts on that topic in the next 2-3 days here.

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