Image Search in multiple languages

An obvious approach for multilingual search that has not been used as much as is possible is to convert a term in to its equivalents in multiple languages and search accordingly.  This approach has been used for image recognition by UW researchers.  See this article.

I believe that this is OK but what we really need is to combine effectively language and image search for image search.  That is more effective approach.  There are many research labs working on this kind of approaches.


3 thoughts on “Image Search in multiple languages

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    I believe that the multi language search should not only be applied to images but much larger things such as search engine search in multi languages. Although this will take baby steps to achieve, i do think that starting with the images will be very effective.

  2. Bia Web Design

    I don’t think search engines will handle very well with this. Specially right now it’s a big confusion on how to let people find your images over the search engines

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