Getting back to routine

It is amazing what becomes important in our life. Until I got connected from home using my cable modem, I did not feel settled. That was the moment when I started feeling that now life is becoming normal. In this respect, moving in a house is much worse than moving in an apartment or in a condo. When I moved in my condo more than two years ago, I found out that until I get my own connectivity, I could hitch a ride (without asking like a parasite) on some neighbor’s wireless network. In this house, I could not get any connectivity. I saw three networks but one was too weak to be useful and the other two were secured.

In any case, there is some place to walk in the house now and hopefully by this weekend, things will be close to normal.

It is definitely very nice to feel that I have only one house. And it appears that Irvine is really a very nice place to live. University Hills are very peaceful and we have all facilities very close. The only thing that I have not explored yet are the beaches where I can go for regular nice walks. Will try to find one this week end.

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