Entrepreneurism Class

Today I start conducting Entrepreneurism class in our school.  This will be my second year to conduct this class.  First year turned out to be an interesting experiment.  Based on comments from students, they enjoyed it and so did I.

This is a different class from normal computer science classes.  I have been wondering how to make it a more exciting and really entrepreneurial environment.  One thing that I’d like to do in this class is to interact more closely with students and make sure that they start thinking boldly.  And this is not easy in our current ‘broadcast’ oriented lectures.  So one important thing could be to make it such that there are more discussions in class than lectures.

Let me try that.  Maybe you have some ideas on how to do that!  If you do, please do suggest.


4 thoughts on “Entrepreneurism Class

  1. Adam

    I took an entrepreneurism class in college, and I loved it. It sounds like your class is larger than mine was (I had only 20 or so), but our assignment at the end of the semester was to present a business plan and product (even a fake product) to a small panel of venture capitalists and then field their questions.

    It was great experience to write up our own business plans and think through market size, potential, strategy and the like. Most of our products were imaginary, but we all learned alot by writing up our plans and presenting. I’d highly recommend it if the class is small enough.

  2. Chad

    I would agree that discussions would be better suited than lectures, also something like Adam suggested would be a great way to get the students thinking.

  3. Ramesh Post author

    Students in this class will work on projects leading to a business plan.
    To expose them to some entrepreneurs, I will have some guests who will share their experience and will help students.
    This calss is not big — about 20 students. I think that is the right size for such a class.

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