ACM Multimedia 2009

I am attending ACM Multimedia 2009 conference. This is a premier conference in the field and is the main reason for me to be in China on this trip. The conference is going very well. It is a well organized conference and all the logistics are going very well.

The field of Multimedia is a growing field and that shows at the conference.

One thing that I find very intriguing is that people are not learning lessons from old ‘media’. Newspapers and books are going through difficult periods but the nature of conference, the review system, the proceedings, and the nature of research presentation remains the same. When I mentioned this is in some groups, people agree that this is right time to do it, but they are afraid to change.

Why are most people, even in these dynamic times, so afraid of the change — even when they see that the result of not changing is almost as bad as disappearing.

On the positive side, the conference shows that people are at least considering text along with images and video — so they are definitely changing. Maybe slower than I like to see.

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