Video Search: Presenting results

I saw that some sites allow you to search videos and then list all relevant videos in a list like search engines are used to. Even the search is performed using text but that is a separate topic. Today I was wondering about how to really present these results in a video form.

A simple idea is to collect all these results or a subset of them that are marked by the user as relevant and make a videoreel of all those and let the user see it. Of course a variant of this could be to allow the user to change the order of these somehow so she can see the results in a different rank-ordering than the system presented. This is something that I have seen on some sites. Is this a right presentation for video results?
Somehow I am not happy with this. This is not how a ‘producer’ or ‘editor’ would present results. Also in most cases all these videos are the results of the same search so are likely to be related. So why would I want to see similar videos from multiple sources particularly when watching video is (my) time and (system) bandwidth consuming?

Suppose I go to a rich video site that gives me all News videos (because this is the most popular form of video that could be searches using speech recognition and text techniques) and request for sports (or finance, or politics, or …) . Should the system give me a list of all videos related to sports (or say Football) or should it somehow edit relevant videos and present me a summary of those. Maybe it could also show me those videos in some visual form and allow me to select and then it could produce a video based on my selection.

There has to be a better way to present video results than the static abstract list of sources to those videos.
It is just that I happen to be an engineer and not an artist. And this requires ideas from artistic people.

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