Indian Medals at Olympic — an interesting perspective

For the first time India won three medals — 1 gold in shooting and 2 bronzes in boxing and wrestling. Good reasons for India and Indians to celebrate this. Let’s hope that the process of excelling in sports has started. If this can be continued, then maybe in a few decades India can aspire to be in the top quarter of medal lists at Olympic and other similar events.

Neil pointed out a very interesting point, however. In the land of Mahatma Gandhi, the land known for non-violence, India wins three medals and all of them in the most violent activities. Funny as well as intersting.

I am sure in the next olympic India will do well in things like running or jumping. It may take a bit longer to do that well in swimming and similar infrastructure-rich sports.

In any case, I am delighted at the success of India in these Olympics. And I am most impressed by the way China not only won the highest number og gold medals, but also the way it organized this event to showcase its orgazinational power and physical wealth.

5 thoughts on “Indian Medals at Olympic — an interesting perspective

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  2. Neil Jain

    I remember India being “dominant” in mens field hockey but they failed to qualify this year after a long time. Will cricket ever be an olympic sport? As the announcer stated about India ” in a land of over a billion people India manages to get only 57 representatives” If there was an outsourcing sport…NOW that would be won by India ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kunnath Santhosh

    I REALLY hope corruption becomes an olympic sport. Our politicians can beat the pants off of any other country! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Abhinav won not becuase of the sporting facilities provided by Indian government but because he was rich enough (not negating his talent and commitment in anyway here!) to setup his own shooting range in his backyard. Sadly, he had to buy his own air ticket to go to China from Germany (where he was training) because the “babus” would issue tickets only if you board a flight from Delhi. Arg! ๐Ÿ™


  4. Hosted Exchange

    I think sportsmen from India will have good olympic results in the future since the population of the country is growing and it will be easy to find young talents. But this is only possible if the country will invest in sports of course.

    Good luck to future Indian sports stars!

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