Computer Vision for Developing Countries

A workshop is being organized in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on Computer Vision in Developing Countries.  I was asked to review a few papers for the workshop.  As usual, people had taken their rejected research papers from the main conference, in this case International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), and submitted the same with minimal changes.  These papers had nothing to do with developing countries.

I do believe that computer vision and multimedia technology can do a lot for the next generation computing that is going to bring disruptive changes in developing and emerging weorld.  Mobile phones are going to drive this revolution and the input to these computers is going to be using cameras and microphones.  This is where computer vision can really make difference.

Luckily, I will get a chance to share my vision about this revolution in computers — I have been requested to give the key note talk at the conference.  I have not yet prepared my talk  — which is scheduled to be on next Monday, Oct 15.  I am looking forward to thinking and preparing this talk.

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