The New Bill Gates

Bill Gates keeps springing surprises (good ones) on people like me. See his new act in Davos.
He is now going to help poor farmers.

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates announced a new direction Friday as he pledged $306 million in grants to develop farming in poor countries, leading the charge for corporate responsibility at a major meeting of business chiefs.

After his efforts in healthcare and education, this is a new front he is opening. I am happy that he is the one who made all that money and that Warren Buffett gave him his funds to invest in such causes.

One thought on “The New Bill Gates

  1. Danny

    Yup certainly we should appreciate him. I read an article about Warren Buffett who gave off $31 Billion Dollars as charity.. and most of them has gone to Bill Gates Charity Funds.. Yet Warren is so simple and stays in his same house after becoming the second richest person in the world.

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