Photo uploads on Facebook

I was playing with photo upload tools on Facebook — this is the best photo upload tool that I have seen so far.  it makes adding photos very easy and a pleasent task.  No wonder so many people are adding so many photos on Facebook.  I heard that the number of photos — or some similar metric — are the highest now on Facebook.

While on Facebook, it is interesting to see how many events about your contacts they report to you.  I wonder how long people will enjoy that.  After some limit it really becomes ‘spam’ and either people will protest against it or will learn to ignore it.  I am curious to see when is that point going to arrive.

8 thoughts on “Photo uploads on Facebook

  1. Rob Olson

    I disagree about the facebook news feed eventually being seen as spam. The messages are relevant to your friend’s activities. And people (especially teenagers) love to keep tabs on what their friends are up to.

    I think, if the spam messages I receive in my mailbox had information about my friends I would probably read them.

  2. Andrew G

    Excuse me, but where exactly has the photo upload tool gone? All I can see in Firefox is 5 text boxes with a browse button next to each one.

    The old upload tool that you are talking about (which I remember from a while ago) seems to have vanished! At least for me!!!!

    Please help!?!?!

  3. las vegas photography

    “I don’t know why people are so amazed by Facebook. It’s just another stupid message exchanger. And as you said, it will become a spam target.”

    facebook is nice, specially when you are with your friends. bullying around making fun with each other, we have communications using facebook, you see your friends updates specially images. thats why people are amaze by facebook, easy to navigate.

    and yes I think the upload tool was gone..

  4. Kaushik Biswas

    Facebook is good, only if handled with care. Or else, it can be quite a messy disturbance. Most people play games over there, the news feed is full of their games achievement updates. I don’t know why people go there to play games in social networking web. I go there to see what my contacts are doing.

    It’s a big headache if someone tags me in a photo and also tags 100 others; if they all start replying, my inbox is bombarded with email updates. If I turn it off, maybe I’ll miss an important message.

    I wonder, what’s coming next after Twitter/Facebook etc.

  5. sto credits

    I play Facebook’s photo upload tool – this is the best photo upload tool, I’ve seen so far. It makes it easy to add photos, Pleasant task. No wonder so many people to join so many photos on Facebook. I heard that the number of photos – or some similar measure – is now the highest in Facebook.

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