Maps become more visual

Everybody loved Google maps — particularly their zoom-in and out on the satellite images. If you are Microsoft and you want to enter the space now, what would you do. You clearly will make them more sexy and put more features. And that’s what they did.

You just got to visit their beta site and play with it to explore what they offer. I like it. But for regular use, I may still stay with simple Yahoo Maps, though for seeing and exploring a particular neighborhood, I will go with Google or Microsoft.

Now the next phase will be for enriching the real local content.

And yes, computer vision people can now do some exciting resarch in ‘where am I ‘ using these maps and pictures taken using camera phones.

2 thoughts on “Maps become more visual

  1. Jonathan Aquino

    Hi Ramesh – I’ve made a demo showing Yahoo Maps and Google Maps side by side – . I didn’t include Microsoft, but someone else has done the same thing with Microsoft Maps and Google Maps. Anyway, thought you might be interested in playing around with this direct comparison.

  2. Ramesh Post author

    Interesting demo. Good thing is that comparable functionality, speed, and experience is being offered by the mega players. This will benefit small developers and the best of all consumers.

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