Interesting trip — Child Birth on a flight

I have taken so many flights but today was unique — flight DL 131 from Munich to Atlanta — just after crossing NY they announced that due to an emergency situation involving a little boy and his mother, there will be emergency landing in Charlotte.  Later after landing we came to know that some hectic activity among flight staff and call for a doctor was related to a child birth at 38,000 ft in air.  The little boy had difficulty breathing and the doctor on board — a passenger — helped him survive and both mother and the baby were taken to hospital in Charlotte.  Ambulance was waiting when we landed.

Interesting flight.  Of course, the price of this excitement was a missed connection in Atlanta and rerouting me to Los Angeles.  But that is a very small price to pay to be on the flight where such excitement took place.  It was reassuring to see how the staff reacted and how all the preparations were in place when the plane landed in Charlotte.  It seems both the mother and the child were doing well.


4 thoughts on “Interesting trip — Child Birth on a flight

  1. Nikhil

    Interesting indeed, I always wonder what will be the nationality of the child born in air 🙂

  2. Bruce Swedal

    This would have been very exciting. Some people might have been a little upset over the delay. I hope that all the passengers kept everything in perspective like yourself.

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