Goggles to Cyberspace

This has been clearly coming — some start-up companies tried it with limited success. But now Google unleashes Goggles to point to interesting things using your mobile phone and find information about real world objects from cyberspace. A kind of connecting part of real world to cyberspace. See http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/20/business/20ping.html?_r=1&sudsredirect=true.

I think this is the beginning of a new application area for lots of people. Many interesting applications to be expected in this space.

3 thoughts on “Goggles to Cyberspace

  1. e-commerce solutions

    Hey thanks for the news.Google has certainly added another dimension to mobile technology.Thanks for giving the links too.Really excited with the new developments in cyber space.Do keep me updated.

  2. Scott at Beds.org

    Years ago, the Personal Digital Assistant revolutionized the way businessmen conducted business. Cell phones did the same for Joe Everybody, and the fusion of the two modernized the world. Some of the newest generations of mobile devices have capabilities which were strictly ‘Star Trek’ only a decade ago. Now, I can get driving directions, email, and a recipe for dinner all in the car on the way home from work (but never when I’m driving, of course).
    Now, technology exists to have my phone recommend a restaurant, find a movie theater, and find a hotel for me when I travel. This is the type of benefit that anyone can use, even if its just to add some variety to the usual dinner routine near home. I hope that the current line of progression keeps progressing, customizing results based on my previous restaurant, hotel, and movie choices. Maybe even notify me when a movie which fits my profile is about to begin within a few blocks of my location and my schedule is open for the following few hours.
    The next step would be to have my phone help keep records of my usual purchases, for both home and business uses, and notify me about sales and specials. It could locate the phone number of places I need to contact in advance, such as if I like a specific pizza joint enough to have them in my phone book, the phone could automatically retrieve the number for the nearest franchise as well as the stored number.

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