Everything OK

Since many of my friends ask me about my yearly medical check-up due to my health problem of a few years ago, here is the first part of the repot. Everything is going OK with respect to Cancer — no problems there. They will still want me to put through CAT and PET scans in about a month. Of course, my knee is a different matter. I do need to get it fixed.

I heard a very bad News, however, during my meeting with my Oncologist — Dr. Bill Miller. He told me that Dr. Matt Brunson who performed surgery on me and was the lead doctor in my treatment is having some serious health problems. Sudha and I were shocked by this. He used to be a great surgeon and an inspiration. We liked him so much. And he is a young person — definitely much younger than me. It used to be so much fun to talk to him. This was a terrible news for us. This only reminds us that diseases can hit any one of us at any time. We are all fragile — we don’t know when something can hit us. All that we can do is to be careful.

Our best wishes and prayers are with Dr. Brunson.

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