citizen photojournalists

Mobile phones are being increasingly considered as leading to creation of ‘citizen photojournalists’. As the quality of cameras for taking better quality of photos and videos increases and ability to edit them on the phone becomes easy enough to be used by people, the quality and number of citizen photojournalists will also increase.

A very interesting article about citizen photojournalism talks about the London Bombing and creation of citize photojournalists. I felt need for live photo reporters when I was stranded in a car on a fly over in recent Monsoons in Mumbai. I can visualize that a few years from now, when such disasters happen, people will be posting pictures and videos and these will be used by others to decide what they should do in their situation. This will be done based on knowledge of what is happening in related areas rather than due to panicky situation.

Like we wonder today, how we managed in the last century — just a few years ago — without mobile phones; soon we would be saying how did people manage without these citizen photojournalists.

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